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Boss Horse

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I was looking through all my kid art, you know that stuff moms and pops put up on the frig, when I came across this picture of a horse.

This horse… This horse rides other horses to go places.  The Duke doesn’t ride this horse, this horse rides The Duke. Yes my friends, this is the Boss of Horses! Look at that stride, the regal mane. His eyes! Look in his eyes! They’ve seen things…

Then apparently when I was a tot, I took it upon myself to draw a women in some sort of veil/burka. Why did I draw something like this?   Maybe I was a super elite child prodigy and this is social commentary on the role of women in Saudi Arabia? She could be a spy! Your guess is as good as mine, but there you have it!

And last but not least, Betty Cooper with a lazy eye and a bad attitude. What does Archie see in her? I really jacked her up didn’t I! It’s like Stewie made a  Betty Cooper clone. Haha Bitch Betty!


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