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Winging It

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Going to experiment with some random incoherent ramblings.

Winging it, making things I’d like to see. Going on a whim. Pretending to know what I’m doing ( I do to some extent ). Having a blast! It seems to work so what the eff.

I’ve thought about further education in Art. Only slightly interested. The negatives out weigh the positives as far as I see it. I can see myself in class;

Why? How come? Who says? Why? That’s boring. WHY?

I feel that if I do I’ll lose my style.  School I would like to take a class in Sumi-E though.

Now don’t let my confession make you believe that I am not the master of what ever I churn out though. I’m pretty confident about it. I rule myself, oh yeah. I wonder if you can still be an Outsider artist if you call yourself an Outsider artist.


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