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I don’t particularly like yammering on about my self, but I will try. I am an artist and a pessimist. I like to make others laugh, even though I’m not very good it. I like the strange, disturbing and unusual. I am Black and White (no not one or the other).

Cat mom, meat eater, tweeter, lover of the written word. Awful speller (thanks spell check!). A crummy Christian (I try). Don’t ask a lady her age! I cook as a hobby. Kiss my ass and I will upchuck all over you. I know a whole lot of useless information. Little Wayne sucks. Find myself being fond of powerful beards. I like emoticons. :D

I like cheesy Euro-trash techno. Actually I like most music. Hopeless Zynga game addict. Life long Pro Wrestling fan. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Teetotaler. My favorite color is red. I like leopard print. I am blissfully Child Free. I’m a Gemini! (Woot -Woot)

I know you can’t tell but I’m shy.

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